Email Pitch vs. Traditional Press Release

A client recently asked me when a brand should write a traditional press release versus writing an email pitch.

Most PR experts’ philosophy is that the traditional press release is dead, and I tend to agree. In the age of  Tweets, Facebook status updates, LinkedIn requests, text messages or a...


Quick Press Release – 6 Tips on a 15 Minute Press Release

How long should it really take to prepare a great press release? According to Mickie Kennedy at, about 15 minutes!

Kennedy’s posting, “How to write a killer press release in 15 minutes”, consisted of a short list of crucial steps to take when attempting to write a great fast...


Public Relations Terminology – PR Definitions

In most businesses there are industry terms that can be confusing or misunderstood when you first begin. The PR agency world is no exceptions and similar to other industries has a number of acronyms that are often confusing or misleading. Our public relations terminology guide will help you understand many of these...


Frequently Asked Questions When Seeking A PR Agency

When drafting a request for proposal (RFP) and starting a search for a PR firm and agency of record, here are a few frequent questions that may help a brand find the perfect public relations agency match. What are your PR goals? What is the length of public relations support...