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Starting Up With Social Media Trends

By Lisa Schaefer
Social Media TrendsThe other day I stumbled upon a great BusinessNewsDaily article highlighting the 2013 social media trends for startups. While I was reading I couldn’t help but think about our clients who are just getting their start and hoping to make a name for themselves. Right now our client Youtopia is a startup aiming to become students’ go-to gamification platform, rewarding students as they engage within their schools and communities.

So how can we leverage some of today’s greatest social media platforms to get the word out for up-and-coming companies? Entrepreneurs and PR pros alike, take note. Below are some of the article’s key takeaways highlighting social media trends for startups:

Don’t Discount LinkedIn. While many brands have already adopted Facebook and Twitter as an integral part of their public relations efforts, LinkedIn recently added features companies (especially startups) should think about taking advantage of. The site’s “endorse” capability (similar to Facebook’s “like” tool), new profile and company designs pages encourage users to spend more time building their personal brands. As LinkedIn is increasingly adopted by the masses, it will not only be a go-to professional networking tool, but a research platform for journalists who want to stay up-to-date on a company’s breaking stories.

“Filter” Your Business. A picture is worth a thousand words. With crowd-sourcing platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram as the latest social craze, you can boost your presence on the web and use these tools in your favor. According to the articles source, All Things D, smartphone users are spending more time on Instagram than on Twitter for the first time since 2010. Illustrating your business’ story with images, whether it’s a company ugly Christmas sweater photo for the holiday season (feel free to look back a few months on the Motion PR Facebook Timeline…) or a new office (get ready for a lot of photos, we move to our new space April 1st), sharing your company’s voice and story via pictures is a great way to connect beyond traditional methods.

Content is Key. While everyone loves a good blogger (my personal favorite is Girl Meets Glam), and the PR world considers blogs a vital part of the media mix, quality content is key to your brand’s success. Be sure you’re cultivating relationships with those that align with your brand’s message and purpose. Posts should be relevant, timely and appropriate.

With social media increasingly shaping the way we communicate, the “public” in public relations has taken on a new definition. These tips give startups a way to make more connections, build relationships and share news instantly. The time is now, so get trending!

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